Story of Vasantha

Vasantha is the first woman to work at  Cocoon . She got married when she was only 15 years old. Vasantha and her sister got married on the same day.

After one year ,her husband abandoned her just leaving her in a rented room by herself. Vasantha did not know at that time that she was pregnant for three months. She was so sick that she could not work because of her stress and emotional trauma.

Then after few weeks ,she went home  to stay with her parents and then  to her husband's house . Unfortunately, her mother-in-law and father-in-law rejected her ,believing that the baby was not their son's child. Vasantha was totally alone,frightened and emotionally fragile .A kind lady from her neighbourhood took her into her home to help her ,giving her a job (cleaning house and taking care of her baby).This kind lady helped Vasantha to provide proper milk and food after her baby was born. Soon after she gave birth her baby girl , Vasantha became deaf in both the ears .

Her life was so unbearable , she thought that if she did not have her daughter she could have died by suicide .She did not want to live in miserable state for so long.She had  felt no love or compassion from people who were suppose to love and care for her .Relying solely on the kindness of strangers ,she felt hatred for herself  and alone;except ,of course ,for her own daughter.She hates her life ,her heart became like a stone. Vasantha came to Happy Home to Work in 2013.When she came for the first time  ,she was very dull and sad and never smiled .However , within few days she became alright . When Cocoon started ,Vasantha was very interested in learning the things ,wanted to become a skilled woman  and work  to earn money for herself and her daughter  and to help others as well.She said that she felt the world is very beautiful now and she did not want to leave this world any more but to live forever .
Vasantha is so greatful for the help and support that Cocoon has  given to her and for the love from everyone involved.She loves everythings now that she is happy and hopeful for her future.