About Cocoon

It's the mission of Cocoon, Inc. to offer hope to India's abused and abandoned women and children by giving them a safe, loving environment where they are educated and empowered with the skills to be self-sufficient, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

Ranjeeta Devi, Happy Home's Director arrived in Puttaparthi in the year 2000 where she began her work as a teacher. She quickly saw that many of the children she interacted with on a day to day basis needed more than just a place to learn but a place to live safely. 

Why Cocoon

In India, a married woman deserted by her husband, or a widow with young children has no standing in her community. These hurting women are oftentimes abused by all around her. They are left with no hope for their lives and their children.
Cocoon's Mission is to take these abused, poor, unwanted women and give them a lifeline from the cruel world they so desperately wish to leave.
At this critical juncture of their lives Cocoon steps in to provide these women with love and care and support. We give them a shoulder to cry on and help them plot a course to get them back on their feet.

What Does It Do

Under the care and guidance of H. Ranjeeta Devi, Cocoon provides a safe heaven and works tirelessly to advance women's equality and employment. We help train them for their new life and provide access to education, employment training and financial services.
Cocoon's goal is to help each of these downtrodden women to become self sufficient and reliant. We offer hope, not handouts and through that we inspire change.
"We live in the world when we love it."
H. Ranjeeta Devi.

How This Helps ?

Statistics show that one in three women will suffer some sort of abuse in their life. Cocoon is working diligently to change those numbers, one woman at a time.

Our hope is that word of our service and support will spread throughout the region and instill hope in the lives of other women in a similar situation. Additionally, there is an inverse relationship between education for women and terrorism. We need to work towards educating women and girls around the world.

How You Can Help

  1. Raise consciousness by reaching out to people who are not aware of the situation.
  2. Join a committee to plan fund raising events.
  3. Join a group that will work to support our efforts
  4. Plan simple events or projects to support our work.
  5. Visit our website, www.cocoon.org.in